With CIVICAL, you can create political Facebook ads within 5 minutes!

Do you want to reach more people with your political content, but don’t know how to do it?

We have bundled our targeting expertise in CIVICAL! So you can promote your Facebook posts quickly, easily and effectively – without Facebook Business Manager!

Placing ads on Facebook is costly and complicated!

While targeting with the “Boost Post” button is imprecise and expensive, placing an ad with the Facebook Business Manager requires at least 40 clicks and even more decisions. With CIVICAL, you only need 15 clicks to promote a post in under 5 minutes!

Opinion formation takes place on social media!

Political actors today can no longer ignore social media communication. Therefore, with CIVICAL, we give you a tool that helps you to position yourself digitally – no matter what your media budget size is.

What can CIVICAL do?

Promote your content in 6 steps!

We have simplified the application process so you only need 6 steps to promote your posts among exactly those target groups for which your content is relevant. With CIVICAL, it takes less than 5 minutes to promote your content!

Reach the right target groups!

We at Cosmonauts & Kings provide you with our proved political target groups in CIVICAL. Decide anew for each post which people you want to reach. With our experience in political targeting, we have put together a selection of target groups to make your communication easier.

Keep an eye on your performance!

In your personal performance dashboard we collect the most important KPIs to measure the success of your content. Instead of filtering the right numbers from a seemingly endless list of KPIs on Facebook itself, we show you exactly the data you need.

Get new audiences on demand!

Even though we have already provided you with a long list of relevant audiences, it may be that you need a specific audience for a particular message. The C&K targeting team will then promptly create the target group you have requested.

Find out now how CIVICAL can help you address your target groups!

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