for politics
and society
We craft digital communication strategies for politics and society.
Digitalisation and technological progress have fundamentally changed the way people form opinions in the democratic public sphere. Today, democratic opinion and decision-making takes place in the digital world.
Cosmonauts & Kings specialises in communicating political and social issues for politics, business and society. We work effectively and relevantly where opinions are formed - in the digital public sphere.
Pauline Geisen und Feray Sezgin Political Communications - Humor
We think, develop and plan political communication digitally. That is our expertise as political natives.
Christin Schrot
Head of Creative
in digital
We enable organisations and institutions to digitally communicate their political and social messages.
For us, digital and data-based communication means building target group-relevant, dialogue-oriented and sustainable relationships - between politicians and citizens, companies and society, NGOs and their supporters.
Hannah Rabenau und Florian Wollschäger - Neue Perspektiven einer digitalen Kampagne entdecken
Komplexe Themen aufbereiten - Wir nehmen jede Herausforderung der digitalen Branche an
Juri Schnöller Gründer und Managing Director von Cosmonauts & Kings - Digitalisierung der Demokratie als Chance
With a clear value compass, digitalisation offers a huge opportunity for our democracy: Through more transparency, more exchange, more trust.
Juri Schnöller
Co-Founder und Managing Director
Our mission:
Democracy for the
Digital Age.
C&K is one of the leading digital communications providers in Germany.
Since 2016, we have empowered political and civil society organisations, companies and institutions to plan and implement their political communication digitally. As political natives, we work as strategic partners. We act as the engine room for the practical implementation of our clients' digital political messages.
We produce digital campaigns so that our clients achieve optimal reach for their political concerns.
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We develop data- and technology-based strategies for political communication in the digital public sphere.
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We advise on the realignment of structures, processes and competences, providing our clients the capacity to act in the digital public sphere.
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Yuliia Niederstadt Community-Managerin bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Best in Class ist unser Anspruch
Political, innovative and digital excellence - that is our motto at Cosmonauts & Kings.
Yuliia Niederstadt
Senior Community Manager
Kampagnenplanung - Gemeinsam suchen wir nach Antworten für politische Akteur:innen

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