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Together we are on a mission to bring democracy into the digital age. But in addition to the exciting content-related topics we cover, our corporate culture is what makes working at Cosmonauts & Kings so special!
We take responsibility for the digital formation of political opinion on a daily basis. That is why we as a team have a clear standpoint, which we also communicate to our clients.
Jochen König
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Attitude and values compass

Our work advocates the participation and active co-creation of democratic actors in an increasingly digital democracy.


We work for a diverse range of interests. Promoting an open and objective competition of opinions is a constitutive principle of democracy for us.

A foundation of data and facts

We work on the basis of comprehensible data and fact-based information. And we always oppose any kind of disinformation.


We use advertisements transparently and do not exclude people on the basis of discriminatory characteristics or interests.


We stand for a diverse society and a respectful and open coexistence, without exclusion and discrimination.

Haltung und
Wir setzen uns mit unserer Arbeit für die Teilhabe und aktive Mitgestaltung demokratischer Akteur:innen an einer zunehmend digitalen Demokratie ein.
Wir arbeiten für unterschiedliche Interessen, da ein offener und sachlicher Wettbewerb von Meinungen für uns ein konstitutives Demokratieprinzip darstellt.
Daten- und Faktenbasis
Wir arbeiten auf der Grundlage nachvollziehbarer Daten und faktenbasierter Informationen und stellen uns gegen jede Art von Desinformation.
Wir nutzen Werbeanzeigen transparent und schließen Menschen nicht auf Basis diskriminierender Merkmalen oder Interessen aus.
Wir stehen für eine vielfältige Gesellschaft und ein respektvolles und offenes Miteinander, ohne Ausgrenzung und Diskriminierung.
Female+ Network
Our Female+ Network "Astronauts & Queens+" was created by and for women* and non-binary people at Cosmonauts & Kings. Started with the mission to support and empower especially women* and non-binary persons in our company, the "Astronauts & Queens+" seek to raise awareness of equality and diversity in the company.
Overtime Model
We know that work can sometimes be stressful. This makes it all the more important to consciously take breaks and switch off! For this reason, we have a fair working model. Overtime is compensated in the form of time off, giving you the chance to relax.
Beautiful Benefits for Beautiful People! With us, permanent employees can put together an individual package from a modular range of benefits. Among other things, benefits could include a BVG ticket or membership of the Urban Sports Club. You can also access many discount promotions through our Company Benefits.
Retirement provision
You can't worry about your own future soon enough! That's why we at Cosmonauts & Kings offer a company pension scheme in the press pension scheme - with an employer's allowance, of course!
This is what makes our jobs so exciting: Looking behind the scenes of opinion-forming in the digital space every day - and actively shaping the way people think.
Ennie Petersen
Motion Designer
Jann Bitzer
Growth & Strategy Manager
Since I joined C&K, I have never been bored - because the company is young and there is always a new challenge.
Henrike Scholz
Growth & Strategy Manager

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