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We create digital campaigns for political and social causes to reach, convince and mobilise people in the digital public sphere.
Lina Haridi Digital Campaigns & Strategy - Intern at Cosmonauts and Kings
Alana Di Filippo Cosmonauts & Kings - Senior Political Communications Manager
We translate complex political issues into effective messages to reach the digital public.
Alana Di Filippo
Senior Political Communications Managerin
Our campaigns create relevant reach in the digital opinion-forming and decision-making process. They connect organisations with people who share a common cause and build sustainable digital political relationships.
Zita Mundorf Community Management bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Direkter Austausch mit der Gesellschaft
Kampagnen Ideen Brainstorming - Politische Kommunikation Agentur
Lorenz Käsermann Head of Performance bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Politische Werbeanzeigen welche Menschen positiv ansprechen
Data-driven target group analyses form the basis of our campaigns. This is how we ensure that content reaches the right people.
Lorenz Käsermann
Head of Performance
We carry out big and small campaigns: Our campaigns include broad-based information or mobilisation offensives during election campaigns or for the government, as well as focused communication around single-issues for NGOs, companies or interest groups.
Mobile First Campaigning im Web 2.0 - Digital Touchpoint Smartphones
Anna-Riikka Müller Designer and Team Lead bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Digitale politische Kommunikation aus einer Hand
When strategy, concept and design come from a single source, content can have both a digital and a political impact.
Anna-Riikka Müller
Team Lead Design
The foundation of our campaigns is the political, digital and creative expertise of our team. As political natives, we combine years of experience in strategic campaign planning with digital content creation, community building, performance marketing and data analytics.
Community Management bei Social Media Kampagnen - Nutzerinteraktionen als zentrales Element
Performance Marketing Team bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Mit Teamwork zu mehr Performance
Moritz Jansen Head of Community bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Wir verbinden die Menschen mit unseren Kund:innen
Community management is about building trust and relationships. Authenticity, responsiveness and face-to-face exchange are particularly important when generating valuable interactions with followers.
Moritz Jansen
Head of Community
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – ICAN
ICAN is an organisation that campaigns for the international abolition of nuclear weapons. Due to its efforts, it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. We were commissioned by ICAN to put the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on the agenda of parties and MPs during the 2021 Bundestag elections.
Political-communicative background:
  • The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) mandates the international prohibition of any state activity related to nuclear weapons. Neither Germany nor NATO signed the treaty.
  • It appeared that foreign policy would play a subordinate role in the federal election, but we sought to change that. Our team asked all candidates to publicly declare their support for TPNW.
  • Our challenge was simple. How could we mobilise against nuclear weapons without displaying the nuclear mushroom cloud everywhere? The idea: Nuclear weapons are an outdated security policy accessory. They do not represent an answer to the crises of the 21st century.
Der Atomwaffenverbotsvertrag (TPNW) schreibt die internationale Ächtung jeglicher staatlicher Aktivität in Bezug auf Kernwaffen vor. Weder Deutschland noch die NATO haben den Vertrag gezeichnet.
In der Bundestagswahl spielte Außenpolitik eine untergeordnete Rolle. Unsere Kampagne sollte das ändern - indem alle Kandidierenden dazu aufgefordert wurden, sich öffentlich zum TPNW zu bekennen.
Wie also gegen Atomwaffen mobilisieren, ohne überall den tausendfach gesehenen Atompilz zu plakatieren? Die Idee: Atomwaffen sind ein veraltetes sicherheitspolitisches Accessoire, keine Antwort auf die Krisen des 21. Jahrhunderts.
From our perspective that meant: Just like perms, headbands and floppy discs, nuclear weapons are out!
For the campaign, we identified specific political target groups and applied the logic of online marketing to political communication. This means: Based on the interactions, we successively deepened the campaign content in order to finally move our audience to concrete action.
In the Traffic Light Coalition agreement, the parties pledged to participate as an observer in the Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. And thus we took a small step towards a world free of nuclear weapons.
Produktion von Kampagnen Assets - Professionelle Umsetzung von kreativen Leitideen
Christin_Schrot und Jan Töpfer von Cosmonauts & Kings - Head of Creative und Head of Political der Agentur für politische Kommunikation

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