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We advise organisations and institutions on the transformation of structures, processes and skills for political communication in the digital public sphere. The focus of our consulting work lies in the areas of digital public affairs, digital thought leadership and public sector communication.
The opinion-forming processes and communication structures in the digital public sphere are characterised by complexity. Unclear stakeholder constellations, the constant change of opinions and a high speed of communication are characteristic of digital discourses. The digital public sphere is a dynamic system: Established actors and gatekeepers can quickly lose relevance and new actors can dominate agenda setting. Alliances are formed temporarily and dissolved again.
Agenturleben - Das Agenturleben einer poltischen digitalen Kommunikationsagentur
Jan Töpfer Director Strategy & Communications bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Beratung für digitale politische Kommunikation
Those who want to position themselves sustainably in the digital public sphere need specific internal organisational skills and structures. We build these for our customers.
Jan Töpfer
Head of Political Communications
For more than 5 years, we at Cosmonauts & Kings have been accompanying the ability of organisations, companies and institutions to act for communication in the digital public sphere.
Hannah Rabenau und Florian Wollschläger - Daten getriebene digital Kreation für politische Kampagnen
Beratungsteam Communications - Gemeinsam digitale Strategien entwickeln
Pauline Geisen Political Communications Manager bei Cosmonauts & Kings - Politische Positionierung um digitalen Raum
We analyse our customers’ challenges and potential in order to enable them to communicate digitally and based on data.
Pauline Geisen
Political Communications Managerin
Our consulting approach follows the basic principle of empowerment. Based on political expertise, digital excellence and data-driven analysis, we empower our clients to identify new stakeholders and relevant discourses at an early stage and to make better decisions around communication. In doing so, we focus on the development of internal organisational capabilities and the creation of data-based decision-making foundations.
As part of our consulting mandates, we develop customer-specific pilot projects and accompany the development of communicative data infrastructure, from dashboards to monitoring and reporting structures for better communicative decisions.
Federal Ministry of Health – BMG
The COVID 19 pandemic brought the Federal Ministry of Health into the public eye in one fell swoop. Against the backdrop of enormous information needs in the population, we were commissioned to help set up a structure for crisis communication that was immediately ready to action.
Political and communication background
  • A situation with constantly changing information, varying degrees of personal concern and serious interference in the everyday life of citizens have been the reality of COVID-19 communication since spring 2019.
  • A high level of uncertainty among the population, increasing polarisation, misinformation, hatred and agitation presented the BMG with unprecedented communication challenges.
  • This context gave rise to the need for organisational innovation: An agile structure by means of which social education about COVID-19 can be implemented by the state quickly and in a way that is appropriate for the target group.
Eine sich ständig ändernde Informationslage, unterschiedliche Grade persönlicher Betroffenheit und schwerwiegende Eingriffe in den Alltag der Bürger:innen sind seit Frühjahr 2019 die Realität der COVID-19-Kommunikation.
Ein hohes Maß an Verunsicherung in der Bevölkerung, zunehmende Polarisierung, Misinformation, Hass und Hetze stellten das BMG vor nie dagewesene kommunikative Herausforderungen.
Aus diesem Kontext entstand der Bedarf einer organisatorischen Innovation: Einer agilen Struktur, mittels derer die gesellschaftliche Aufklärung über COVID-19 durch den Staat schnell und zielgruppengerecht umgesetzt werden kann.
Together with the BMG, we have created a communicative rapid response unit that meets today's requirements for agile ministerial and crisis communication: The digital situation centre.
Integrated structure
The Situation Centre dovetails central sub-areas of digital communication and thus enables digital-first communication and advice[SS-B1] [JW2] from a single source.
Campaign capability
The Situation Centre stands for implementation strength. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been used to digitally implement and optimise the various COVID 19 pandemic campaigns - #WirBleibenZuhause, AHA campaign, the vaccination campaign #ÄrmelHoch - for specific target groups.
The Situation Centre is a driver of innovation - within its framework we have introduced a variety of new digital formats together with the BMG. For example, the #SleeveUp podcast, the House's presence on TikTok, WhatsApp and Telegram, the vaccination dashboard and the implementation of audio ads on Spotify.
Mit Unterstützung von C&K ist das BMG zum followerstärksten deutschen Bundesministerium auf den Plattformen Facebook, Instagram, YouTube und TikTok geworden.
With the support of C&K, the BMG has become the German federal ministry with the most followers on the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok platforms. The #WirBleibenZuHause campaign was awarded the Golden Effie for efficient brand communication for 2020. The structure created in the form of the digital situation centre enables communication that is characterised by being close to the concerns of the citizens, data-driven, responsive and transparent.
Jann Bitzer
Gedankenaustausch zwischen Kolleg:innen - Politische Debatten gehören zur täglichen Arbeit

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